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Galeria La Placita de Susy



  1. Shaqir 27. Feb, 2012 at 4:31 AM #

    A dtaeil you are missing, by not being here, is the people occasionally peeking at your page during the talks, as it is the only live blogging available this year (I wait for Resonances).Also the last question of the public seems occasionally lost, depending of time. In this case, for Donagi, someone asked about getting the generations of the standard model in two different copies. I guess that the purpose of the questioner was to look for an special role for the third generation, a point I like (from my own self-supported SU(5) flavour, which separates the top from the rest). In any case, the answer was uninteresting, as Donagi examples fix the 3 generations in a standard way, do they? But it is remarkable that people starts to thing again about the question of the number of generations and the yukawa couplings. Ah, by the way, also Ibanez got minor problems with the slides this morning.

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